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Here at Bespoke, we have many years of experience in fitting tyres and are happy to offer advice on what tyres will suit your requirements. We will take the time to listen to any specific requirements you may have, your driving habits, preferences, and what is particularly important to you such as wet grip or fuel economy. We can then help you ensure you get the best tyres to suit you and your budget.

Types of Tyre

We stock standard summer tyres, Winter Tyres, All-Season Tyres and run flat tyres (we are Bridgestone accredited for fitting run flats). We are happy to discuss with you the pros and cons of the different type of tyre to help you decide.

Tyre Brands

We stock many different tyre brands from premiums such as Yokohama, Vredestein, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental and Bridgestone. We stock mid-range tyres such as Kumho (we are a local dealer for these) and Prestivo – which are both good quality mid-range options and we also stock budget tyres.

Tyre related Services

We carry out puncture repairs, wheel balancing, wheel alignment (tracking) and can fit and re-programme TPMS sensors to your wheels if your sensors have failed. New sensors can be expensive but we are very competitively priced if you wish to check our prices against other providers. Our wheel alignment system is a bluetooth Supertracker system, which can provide a computerised print out to show which settings need adjusting for your alignment to be spot on.

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