When visiting Bespoke please be aware of and follow our procedures; these are designed for both your and our safety.



  1. Do not visit us at all if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 or COVID symptoms
  2. Make an appointment in advance
  3. DO NOT ENTER THE UNIT – wait to be seen – someone will come out to you, remain outside except when  paying
  4. DO NOT fully enter office to pay; stand in office doorway only; the payment terminal is to your left
  5. Please pay by card NOT cash
  6. Ensure you are a minimum of 2m away from our staff or other customers at all times.




DO NOT VISIT US AT ALL IF YOU OR ANY OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAVE ANY COVID-19 or COVID SYMPTONS (cough, high temperature, loss of taste and smell etc – please refer to government guidelines for details).

Advance Appointments

  • Contact us in advance to make an appointment for your work to be carried out, where possible. This helps us ensure social distancing.
  • If this is not possible you will need to wait outside to be seen – our member of staff will check regularly to see if anyone is waiting when they have finished their current job. We can schedule your job when it is safe to do so and if you need a quote we can call that out to you while you remain outside – do not enter the unit.
  • Tyre checks – we will come outside to carry these out. Please stand at least 2m back away from our member of staff. We will then come back outside to you if we need to quote you on any work – do not enter the premises.

When you Arrive

  • DO NOT ENTER the premises. Wait outside to be seen. Wait either in your vehicle or near the main roller shutter doors, but you must ensure you keep at least 2m away from any other persons near by and at least 2m from our staff at all times.
  • Please wait outside while your work is carried out - please bring a coat to keep warm!
  • Advise our member of staff where your locking wheel nut is. DO NOT hand it to him as you must keep the 2m distance at least.
  • If the weather is not suitable to stand outside you will be advised by the member of staff where you can wait. The office where customers have previously waited is not now available to customers.


  • You will be called in by our member of staff to pay.
  • STAND IN THE OFFICE DOORWAY TO PAY – DO NOT fully enter the office – you do not need to.
  • Please pay by card or paypal or apple pay. Pay using contactless where possible. We have a pay terminal on the wall on the left hand side of the entrance to the office – this terminal is away from the main terminal we use behind the desk in the office which helps ensure social distancing.
  • In addition there is a Perspex screen in place between the office desk and the customer payment terminal.
  • Currently we will not accept cash.
  • Once you have paid please leave the premises and stand back while we place your invoice / paperwork on the seat in your vehicle. You can choose to have the paperwork emailed to you instead.

Use of our facilities

  • Unfortunately our toilet facilities are now generally not open to customers. If however you have a medical reason or another reason to need to use these, please ask.
  • You will need to sanitise your hands on entry to the premises and wear a mask.

Our Additional Precautions

In order to assist in hygiene for both our customers and staff, these are the steps we are following:

  • We change our gloves after every single customer.
  • We are washing hands and sanitising frequently.
  • We have a daily cleaning routine which includes door handles and various surfaces etc.
  • The credit card terminal is cleaned regularly.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for customers.
  • We wear a mask when sitting in customers vehicles.


If you require additional measures or have any concerns or queries please do call us on 01926 887722.

We thank you for your understanding and compliance with these procedures.

And we thank you for your business.


Many thanks

Anna and Marcus

Bespoke Wheels Ltd