Porsche N rated tyres

Porsche N Rated Tyres

We thought it would be useful to provide some information on Porsche specific tyres as these performance cars have specific requirements when it comes to their tyres.

Porsche stipulate that only N rated tyres should be used. This ensures that the tyres are in sync with the performance of the vehicle and thus get the best performance from your vehicle and are safe. In order for a tyre to be N rated and thus suitable for a Porsche it will have been through a thorough development and testing stage with Porsche engineers for Original Equipment (OE) tyres. These tests concentrate on supreme performance in dry weather as well particular wet-grip properties which tend to be in excess of other tyre manufacturers for your safety.

The tyres are tested assuming that speeds achieved in the vehicle will be those of the German Autobann. Clearly in the UK such speeds are never reached. Such testing looks for high speed durability, uniformity and serviceability. For replacement tyres – which here at Bespoke Wheels we fit to our Porsche customers vehicles, the tyres rating still needs to be an N so that it has been approved by Porsche. N rating categories The N ratings are as follows: N-0, N-1, N-2, N-3 or N-4. The N-0 rating shows a tyre is the first version of this particular tyre (ie new), as the tyre is significantly refined the rating increases to N-1, N-2 etc. When a completely new tyre is brought to market the rating is that of the new one ie N-0 again.

Porsche Requirements

· Mixed types of tyre on Porsches are not allowed.

· Tyres should be replaced in pairs at least if not all four in one go.

· If a tyre is a single tyre is damaged and needs replacing, the other tyre on the same axle must not have more than 30% wear.

· Brand new tyres do not tend to offer their full traction so Porsche drivers are advised to moderate their speed as the tyres ‘bed in’ during the first 100 miles approximately. Drivers should also bear in mind if one pair of tyres only are changed there will be differences in the handling whilst the tyres bed in – please drive with care during this period in particular for this reason.

Here at Bespoke Wheels we will happily advise you on replacement Porsche tyres (for 911s, Boxsters, Caymans, Cayannes etc), just call in with the vehicle or call us with the tyre make, model, size and N rating and we will discuss your options with you.

Please ask to speak to Marcus who will be happy to help on 01926 88 77 22.