Puncture repair
Bead Re-seal
Wheel Balance
Change Overs
size dependant
17" per wheel
18" per wheel
£20.00 per tyre
£20.00 per tyre
£17.00 per tyre£16 (min)
Wheel Alignment (Tracking)

£40 for 2 wheel alignment
£80 for 4 wheel alignment
Then £20.00 per additional adjustment

Locking Wheel Nut Removal from £20.00 per wheel *
* An additional £5 charge will apply per wheel if a lock takes longer than 15 mins to attempt to remove

Locking wheel nuts from £15.00 / set

Tyre and alloy wheel pricing depends upon size, make and model of tyre - please call for quotes.

All prices quoted include VAT.

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    We are proud of all the hard work we do here at Bespoke Wheels.

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    Twitter Feed

    Full set of new tyres fitted to a beautiful E-Type Jag last week - what a treat! BespokeWheels photo
    One happy customer with his new set of 20” Black Wildtrek Alloy Wheels on a Toyota Hi-Lux... not sure the pic does the overall look justice! BespokeWheels photo
    In most cases anyone planning to drive abroad should be using a UK sticker clearly displayed on the rear of their vehicle - this replaces the GB sticker. Check out the actual rules ... BespokeWheels photo
    We do Wheel alignment / tracking for up to & including Class 7s so the larger vans like Sprinters, Transits. If your tyres are wearing unevenly or you’re getting through them too quickly, the tracking may need adjusting. Our checks are FREE! Call 01926 887722 for an appointment BespokeWheels photo
    A beautiful Morris Traveller into us this week for wheel alignment & wheel balancing... what a lovely way to tour round in the summer months on a driving holiday! Owner is a member of the local Coventry & Warwickshire Morris Minor Owners Club... BespokeWheels photo
    Going on holiday in the UK for the half term week and driving? If so, don’t forget to check your TYRES; condition, air pressure, tread before you go. We do checks and correct tyre pressures for free - call us for an appointment or just pop in and we’ll be happy to help.
    Work vans eg Transits, Relays, Vivaros, Sprinters, Transporters etc can wear through TYRES too quickly if the wheels are not correctly aligned. We now offer wheel alignment checks & correction for these larger vehicles. Call us for an appointment on 01926 887722
    Morning, we’re back open today - so if you have any tyre needs - we’re here to help in Warwick. Punctures, replacement TYRES, tracking etc - call us on 01926 897722 to make an appointment
    If you are hoping to visit friends and family this Christmas and plan to travel by car, we’re offering free tyre checks & we’ll check and correct your air pressure for free so it’s correct for a fully laden vehicle. We’re happy to help and open until lunchtime Christmas Eve.
    New 18 inch aftermarket wheels for an Audi A3, for a customer yesterday - you can tell we are easing out of lockdown and looking forward to some nice weather this summer! BespokeWheels photo
    If your car does few miles (very possible over the last year), tyres may start to crack even if they have plenty of tread. If they are cracking, it’s sensible to have them checked. Depending on the extent of cracking, performance will decrease. Be safe- check your tyres!
    Starting to use your car a bit more - taking kids to school or starting to plan return to work / mot due soon? If you want us to check your tyres, Tyre pressures or wheel alignment just give us a call to book an appointment on 01926 887722 - we’re ready and waiting to help you!
    Driven the kids to school today for the first time in ages? It’s a sensible time to check your tyres if your car hasn’t been driven much. If you need help; free tyre check / pressure correct / tyre pressure light has come on - we’re here to help. Call us on 01926 887722.
    Tory aide 'frogmarched' out of Downing Street after being fired by Dominic Cummings amid Brexit leaks frenzy settles employment case with 'five figure payout' 
    @Plumbworlduk my delivery was due Wednesday. I chased on Thursday, they seem to have lost package but later system showed for delivery Friday. I rearranged plumber for Friday and still no delivery and system still says due to be delivered yesterday. Please can you help?
    @SocialMediaTodd Look forward to seeing you Saturday, you are quite right we advise at least 3mm tread heading into the wet cold winter months!
    We are open for a short day today near Warwick - here to help key workers with PUNCTURES / Tyre related issues so they can keep getting to work. You will just be asked to wait outside for any work to be done and adhere to the 2m rule. Thank you.
    We are open & dealing with Tyre related problems. In last 2 days have helped a care worker, local community nurse, a GP & 2 supermarket delivery drivers - happy to help key workers. Call us to book a slot as we are staggering appointments to keep staff/customers safe 01926 887722
    6 month mot exemption from testing from 30 March but your car MUST still be roadworthy... if your MOT is due now until the exemption comes into force, you need to get your mot done this week BUT specific rules apply if you are in isolation etc - read carefully...