Falken all weather tyres

Falken all season tyre

– June 2013

A multi talented tyre for 365 days of the year – Falken’s new all-year-round tyre offers improved traction on dry, wet and even snowy roads without compromising on comfort.

The EUROALL SEASON AS200 also features significantly reduced tyre rolling noise and shorter braking distances. The tyre will be available at specialist tyre dealers from July 2013 in a total range of 27 dimensions.

The EUROALL SEASON AS200 was tailored specifically to the complex requirements of the European market. Its four wide and deep longitudinal grooves ensure excellent dispersal of even high volumes of water, while the offset lateral grooves direct water away from the tyre. The all-new rubber compound contains extra silica plus a high proportion of styrene groups to give exceptional wet handling. In addition, the AS200 has a built-in anti-aging mechanism in which an anti-aging agent permeates continuously from the lower reservoir tread to the outer tread, thus protecting the running surface from aging and aggressive environmental influences throughout the life of the tyre.

“The EUROALL SEASON AS200 is our first all-year-round tyre, and is ideal for all regions”, explains Markus Bögner, Sales Director Germany at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH. “In developing the rubber compound, Falken focused on finding the perfect balance between outstanding wet and dry handling and high mileage – preferably throughout all possible driving conditions and weathers.”

The sidewall of the AS200 also features the M&S label required in Europe, as well as the snowflake symbol indicating good traction in winter conditions.
This new tyre will shortly be available to us here at Bespoke Wheels Ltd – please just call us on 01926 88 77 22 for pricing and availability. An all season tyre is a good alternative to having standard summer tyres and changing in the autumn to winter tyres, instead if you use this tyre, you will not have to consider changing to winters when the weather and temperatures deteriorate. If this is of interest to you please give us a call and ask for more details. – See more at: http://www.bespokewheels.co.uk/content/falken-all-season-tyre#sthash.aV8kTD3W.dpuf